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The Complete Overview of Ultra Violet Light Cured CIPP Liner The Issue Facing Today’s Underground Contractors One  year can change the entire outlook of a company and an industry. As 2009 is upon us, the housing industry continues it downward spiral bringing with it new infrastructure construction opportunities. In addition governments are dedicated to invest heavily in infrastructure improvements to “get the economy going again”. There may not be a better time to  seriously consider investing in the future of infrastructure rehabilitation. Slow Down in New Infrastructure Construction  The housing and credit crisis has effected us all, but it has hit the commercial contractor most of all.

The need for underground infrastructure in new residential and commercial development projects has dramatically  fallen of. This trend shows no sign of reversing direction and some predict it will continue until late, 2009 or early 2010.  This has caused contractors to look elsewhere for new business opportunities. Increased Competition Another result  of the housing slow down is increased competition for what remains of the new construction market. Bids are less  abundant and those bids are attracting more competition with lower pricing bringing a strain to the bottom line.  Revenues are down, profits are down and competition is up. There are fewer dollars chasing less business. Increased  Labor Costs One thing that has increased… is labor wages. An ever increasing expense-sheet line item, labor rates   have steadily increased in spite of slow downs in opportunity. The results are either layoffs of long time, well trained  people or less profit.

The Expectations of Future Investment Opportunities With money tight, any investment in new markets or technology must have a positive R.O.I. associated with a market that is big or growing fast. The entry into that market should have as few risk factors as possible. Sounds too good to be true…

A Market Worth Pursuing Investing the time, money and resources of your company to enter into a new market is a decision that should not be made lightly. The market must be large enough to insure growth and stability. That market should also be one that has new opportunities and competitive products and services that ensure an edge. It should also have money behind it to insure that products and services that are provided are paid for and secure.

Not Another Me-too Technology With many markets there is usually a broad spectrum of solutions available. This has been one obstruction for many contractors to enter into a new market, too many competitors using the same technology at too low a price to make it worth pursuing. Any technology that is worth investing in must have a competitive edge in not only technology but in the cost and profitability associated with it. In addition, it should be versatile enough to solve a greater number of problems for your customer, a true multi-propose  solution. And lastly, it must have no environment impact issues associated with it. Support, Service and Education Making it or breaking it in any new endeavor can largely depend upon the suppliers and manufacturers you work with. You must have the support to succeed, the service to stay up and running and the education to be proficient.

You also need back-up and options to ensure that you will never be in a position where you can not deliver for your customer.

The Brandenburger Firmengruppe  Solution

The CIPP Market Brandenburger Firmengruppe is an emerging leader in the development and manufacturing of CIPP, (cured in place pipe), rehabilitation products. Brandenburger Firmengruppe delivers its technology to take advantage of the severely deteriorating global infrastructure, a Multi-Million Euro marketplace over the next 25 years.

The Highest Quality CIPP Materials Brandenburger Firmengruppe with their cooperation partners is the leader for the installation of ultra violet light cured fiberglass lining products. This liner meets or exceeds the strength and curing speed of any liner manufactured in the world. The market is inundated

with several CIPP solutions from PVC to felt liner cured with steam or water. Brandenburger Firmengruppe goes far beyond these products in strength, speed of installation, environmental impact and installation cost. The Most Advanced UV Curing Technology Brandenburger Firmengruppe has developed proprietary technologies for the installation, application and curing of UV Lining materials. Our curing robotics are the most advanced of their kind in the world. Developed by the creator of UV curing robots, Brandenburger Firmengruppe curing technology employs two cameras for pre-curing and curing video monitoring, variable wattage light sources for instant response and increased curing speeds. Brandenburger Firmengruppe offers portability with curing lengths up to 960’ in one direction. Our lining technology is not limited to sewer alone, new developments are on the way to address potable water and other pipe rehabilitation application using the same curing technologies.

Real World, Hands-on Service and Support Brandenburger Firmengruppe delivers world class professional service for our contractor partners. Brandenburger Firmengruppe.

works side by side with our clients to insure optimal quality control, project management, technical support and optimal up-time. Our people are very experienced installers of CIPP.

Why Ultra Violet Light Curing? Proven Technology Ultraviolet light curing technology has been around for decades. Ten years ago it was introduced into the European CIPP marketplace as an alternative to water cured felt lining. Since that time it has slowly grown to dominate the European market.

Environmentally Friendly Why the excitement? UV curing CIPP technology is clean, quiet and has no curing by-products. It is an excellent choice for cities concerned about flushing styrene laced water into their sewer systems or disposing of styrene laced steam boiler water somewhere around the city. It is also a great solution for coastal communities that have storm water pipe issues. Speed There is no other CIPP curing method that can match the speed of UV curing. Brandenburger Firmengruppe can deliver liners with curing speeds in the 8 to 10 foot per minute range.

That means from start to finish, a length of 300 feet of CIPP liner can be cured in 45 minutes or less. In addition, the set up time is 1/3 the set up time of other popular CIPP technologies. The break down time is minutes, not hours. More speed equals less time on the job site, less by-pass, less traffic control, less neighborhood disruption, less labor and equipment cost. Strength Combine the speed of UV curing with the strength of fiberglass and you have an almost indestructible result installed in record time. A flexural Modulus of over 1.6M psi and flexural strengths reaching 50,000psi make UV cured fiberglass an unparallel solution. Versatility Speed, strength, and environmentally safe equals a solution that is versatile for canyons, back yard access, and downtown streets. UV curing needs little if any spot repair, no cool down time, no shrinkage, minimal wall thickness, 12 months shelf life, no refrigeration in high temperature environments. The list goes on and on. No wonder the CIPP market has stood up and taken notice of Brandenburger Firmengruppe and the promise of this exciting CIPP solution. Additional Considerations Product – UV cured Glasfiber Liners

• 8 times as strong as felt

• 80 year life

• Quality controlled manufacturing

• Zero leak

• Pre-curing and real time curing quality controls & videos

Less spot repairs, bypass and traffic control Environment

• Negligible odor

• No waste by-products

• Quiet

• Less neighborhood disruption Labor

• Faster install times also yield

- less by-pass time

- less traffic control time

- less customer service disruption time Why Partner with I.S.T.? With so many choices in the CIPP market for technologies and suppliers, 

   what makes Brandenburger Firmengruppe a company that you should consider doing business with? Leadership When it comes to CIPP Brandenburger Firmengruppe is a leading

   company in production and installation experience, cutting edge technology and options for contractors. Brandenburger Firmengruppe and partners has installed

   over 100,000 feet of liner and

Brandenburger Firmengruppe has done this over the past 10 years, more footage and more history of experience than any other company in the world.

Integrity At Brandenburger Firmengruppe, our reputation is everything. That means that we live up to our word to our customers, our employees, our vendors and our contractor partners. Brandenburger Firmengruppe has a growing list of satisfied customers who have all had great experiences with every aspect of Brandenburger Firmengruppe’s products and services. In an industry that is constantly demanding deadlines, uptime, and more competitive technology, Brandenburger Firmengruppe is proud to have a history of coming through for all concerned.

Quality Introducing a new technology into a market is a very complex undertaking. The contracting and municipal marketplace is a very unforgiving one. That is why quality comes before anything else. Quality must be reflected throughout the organization, from the people the company employs to the products and services it delivers. Without attention to detail, process and follow-up, not only will a company not survive but an entire market can be tainted to technology that is truly deserving of attention. Brandenburger Firmengruppe understands this and is driven to only manufacture and represent the highest quality products and services to all of its stakeholders. Service In the business of infrastructure contracting, “time is money” is an understatement. It might be better stated that “service is money”. With Brandenburger Firmengruppe’s real world experience performing on major municipal and government contracts, we fully understand what is expected of a supplier/manufacturer. Uptime is everything and the last thing a contractor needs is to be in a time sensitive situation and have a problem solving a problem with products that they have come to depend on. Great service is imperative, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Brandenburger Firmengruppe not only understands this, but everyone at the company lives it and delivers the highest level of service in the CIPP business. A Clear Choice for the Market It is one thing to hear about the great attributes of a company and its products from the company itself, it can be a more enlightening experience to hear it the same comparisons from their customers. Brandenburger Firmengruppe encourages anyone comparing CIPP products and their associated technologies to do their due diligence.