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Polyfant – Machine Technique

Polyfant: The perfect concept for coating with Poly22MH®.

The only sensible alternative in the long term in the interests of sustainable protection of building structures consists of practical, fully developed machinery rated for a special coating material, combined with a range of correspondingly specialised coating products.

This machinery package for top quality, sustainably successful protection of wastewater building structures enables the user to rely on integrated, modular, professional equipment. Polyfant comes complete with everything it needs on site, including its own power supply. As a self-contained system, it deals with all tasks and work involved without needing outside help.

Automated procedures, from substrate preparation and re-profiling through to coating, minimise the time spent by staff working in unpleasant, confined conditions in the manhole, with all the associated difficulties.

The results are reproducible and practically rule out the risk of processing faults (e.g. uneven coat thicknesses, air inclusions, trowel marks, etc.).

Machine Technique – Basic Module

Polyfant Basic Module for Poly22MH® polymer silicate coating.

Trailer truck 3.44 long tons

  • Load capacity approx. 7716 lb.
  • internal dimensions (L/W/H) 11.48"x 72.83"x 77.56"
  • continuous trunk lid
  • front hood and maintenance door

Interior work

  • Aluminium floor
  • front covering interior
  • driver’s cab lighting and rotating beacon
  • switches and sockets


  • 11 KVA, 400 volt
  • with remote start unit operation
  • noise reduction 67 dbA

Hoist / Crane

  • Max. drop weight 441 lb.
  • continuously variable velocity of 0.60 – 12.00 m/min.
  • extendible crane jib
  • work flood light

Electronic control cabinet

  • Switch
  • mains supply
  • circuit breaker
  • control device / technique


  • Air flow 74,161 ft³/h, 230 volt
  • integrated in sidewall of trailer with sound protection hood

Piping / tubing

  • as well as valve and external charging connections

Diaphragm compressor

  • Volume flow 106 gal/min.
  • 116 psi operating pressure
  • electrical powering

Cable remote control /drive

  • Crane: Up/down
  • velocity Slinger machine: ON/OFF
  • Material pump: ON/OFF
  • incl. 49.2 ft. connecting cable and plug

Machine Technique – Security Technique Module

Polyfant Security Technique Module for Poly22MH® polymer silicate coating.

Overpressure breathing helmet

  • For secure work under continuous supply of fresh air with slight over pressure.
  • Up to 82 ft. tube length.

Full face filter mask

  • Functions exactly like the overpressure breathing helmet, although it is permitted up to a tube length of 164 ft.

Supply unit for full face filter mask

  • Special supply pipe
  • pressure relief valve
  • control valve on belt fitting
  • incl. belt

Compressed air filter plus

  • For supply of max. 3 breathing apparatuses.
  • Equipped with pressure reducer unit and air washer for operation on stationary compressors with non oil-free air pressure.

Protective foil for helmet

  • 1 set of protective foils (10 pcs.) for overpressure breathing helmet

Dew point measurement and climate tester

  • Climate measurement device for detection of correct documentation of the ambient conditions according to ZTV Ing.
  • Measured parameters: Ambient temperature, surface temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, dew point distance

Concrete test hammer

  • Schmidt rebound hammer for fast and secure examination of concrete compressive strength.

Machine Technique – Duct Cleansing Module

Polyfant Duct Cleansing Module for Poly22MH® polymer silicate coating.

High pressure unit

  • 5,076 psi, 5.55 gal/min.
  • gasoline engine 20 HP

High pressure cleaning apparatus 14,503 psi

  • Stainless steel 1.43.01 for duct diameter DN 500-1200
  • continuously variable
  • VA / rotation nozzle
  • gliding rails for wall support
  • inlying high pressure lance
  • 2 x high pressure lance
  • 90° for duct walls
  • 2 x VA / rotation nozzles
  • high pressure rotary feed-through
  • max. flow 15.85 gal/min.
  • electric motor drive approx. 20 rpm, 24 volt

Additional accessories:

  • Water storage tank:
    Stainless steel, volume 132 gal, incl. automatic fill-stop
  • Water pump:
    Operating pressure 72.5 psi, 792 gal/h volume flow, pressure chamber 5.28 gal, automatic pressure switch-off for duct cleaning and PCC-technique

Machine Technique – Coating Module

Polyfant Coating Module for Poly22MH® polymer silicate coating.

Poly22MH® slinger machine with slinger head

  • Approx. 5000 rpm
  • 24 volt DC supply voltage
  • control and mains supply for slinger machine

Poly22MH® pump technique

  • Incl. nozzles, material tube 16.4 ft. and accessories

Poly22MH® mixing technique (polyfant distir 01)

  • RPM-regulated Disolvermixer

Hot air blower

  • For duct drying
  • 54 HP

Cleansing vat

  • for Poly22MH® pump

Instruction seminar Poly22MH® coating technique

  • 2-day seminar
  • incl. seminar documents



Machine Technique – PCC-Module

Polyfant PCC-Module for Poly22MH® polymer silicate coating.

PCC-boshing machine

  • Continuously variable transport volume from 0.53 to 3.96 gal/min.
  • max operating pressure 580 psi
  • 400 volt, 4 HP

PCC-continuous mortar mixer

  • 400 volt, 4 HP

PCC material tube

  • 2 x 32.8 ft. incl. snap closure

PCC slinger head

  • Accessories for slinger machine – Polyfant coating module