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Power DRUM – Inversion Drums

Stainless steel inversion drum for lateral connection and sectional rehabilitations. 

We build inversion drums to your suit your needs and wishes.

Power DRUM – Inversion Drum up to DN 150

Power DRUM „Baby Drum“ for lateral rehabilitation.

Very small and light, suitable for liner DN 70 - DN 150.

  • Hatches optional.
  • Water inversion possible through the drum.
  • Quick release outlet.
  • Inversion via spiral hose with Storz coupling.


Capacity: 39.4 ft. liner DN 150 with material thickness of 0.118"

59 ft. ThermoLiner plus with 0.118" - 0.138" material thickness (installed).

Material: Drum body and support made of stainless steel.
Surface: Sand blasted and sealed.
Weight: 72.7 lb
Drum: Diameter 15.75", with 2 compressed air valve, 1 pressure release valve and a manometer and also a window.
Window: pane 7.87" x 8.46" (h x w).
Storz coupling: 6“
Inversions elbow: 90° from DN 70 to DN 150. Reductions from DN 70 to DN 150, each with 6“ thread for Storz couplings.
Water inflow: via the water release valve

Technical modifications reserved.

Power DRUM – Inversion Drums up to DN 300

Stainless steel inversion drum for lateral connection rehabilitations.

We build inversion drums to your suit your needs and wishes. 

  • Hatches optional.
  • Water inversion possible through the drum.
  • Quick release outlet.
  • Inversion via spiral hose with Storz coupling.
  • Variation using a PVC fabric hose.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Standard pricing.
  • Example: Power DRUM "Classic"




Example: Power DRUM „Classic“

Inversion drum, designed for Liners from 3" - 12" width with up to 98 ft. capacity.

Power DRUM „Classic“ and accessories

Pressure chamber: stainless steel plate welded 0.118".
Drum: Diameter 23.62", with 2 compressed air valve, 1 pressure release valve with 36.26 psi and a manometer, as well as 2 inspection windows including hatches. Hollow shaft fitting; with large window.
Mobile frame: with rollers, of which two steer and a braking system. Working height adjustment from 23.62" to 47.24".
Inversions elbow: 90° from DN 80 to DN 300. Reductions for DN 80 to DN 300, each with 8“ thread for Storz couplings.
Inversions hose: PVC inversions hose DN 200, Length 32.8 ft., compressed air hose with quick release coupling.
Miscellaneous: Sealing packer with GK coupling and compressed air connection for DN 80 to DN 300.
Water inflow: via the air release valve.

Technical modifications reserved.

Power DRUM – Inversion Drums up to DN 400

Stainless steel Inversion Drum DN 400 for sectional rehabilitation.

Inversion drum DN 400 made of stainless steel for inversion by air.

Drum diameter 78.74", wall thickness 0.24", drum body and support frame made of the following types of steel:

  • Hopper container, steel 1.4301, drum trailer 1.0053.

The drum is supplied with a trailer undercarriage. Tandem axel with galvanized support frame and axis, including overrunning brake and four vertically adjustable props to support the drum when in operation. Admissible total weight 7716 lb. including all necessary documents regarding road safety registration regulations for use in Germany. Variations for other markets are available upon request. Surface sand blasted. Hand wheel for manual operation (not in the case of use with brake system).

  • Space size of window 35" x 15.35".
  • Motor driven drum shaft, speed adjustable via turning knob.
  • Operation via removable foot switch.
  • In price included is the supply of two LED light systems, with which in case necessary, the inside of the drum can be illuminated.
  • Additional parts according to parts list (pressure reducer and excess pressure valve “R1”).

Equipment as follows:

  • Window 42.13" x 14.96" additional bars for better weight distribution on the reverse side.
  • Window pane 42.13" x 14.96" x 0.59" made of Macrolon, heat resisting up to + 248 °F.
  • Locking screw made as trapeze thread thread size 0.866" x 0.157" with cross bar.
  • The window is fitted with two gas pressure minimizers to allow easy opening.
  • The cone is attached to a screwed socket which enables a thermometer with corresponding thread to be screwed in.
  • Pre installation of the switch panel with an IP65 plug which can be used with optionally available cable remote control.
  • The switch panel will be fitted with an additional 16A socket and IP65 plug.
  • The ball tap is made of steam resistant material (brass or stainless steel) up to + 248 °F.
  • The drum is fitted on the side under the window with 4 hot water connections, one steam connection on the conus as well as a further connection/draining valve. The connections and taps are to be operated manually. Upon request the connections can be fitted with B or C Storz coupling.
  • The motor is fitted with a self-locking gearing to enable use of the brake action of the motor when in operations and also the speed control during the inversion process.
  • The drum will be delivered with a roll carrier which is to be fitted above the switch panel and in front of the window, in order to be able to position the line easily. The roll carrier incorporates a collection tray which transports surplus oil and resin in a collection canister.

Power DRUM – Inversion Drum up to DN 500

Stainless steel Jumbo Drum DN 500 for section rehabilitation with air.

  • Air inversion through the drum.
  • Window and manhole fitted.
  • Motor driven winding/unwinding of the liner.


Pressure chamber Type 5 V A, welded, 0.236" stainless steel plate.
Material Drum body and frame made from stainless steel X5CrNi18-10, with window.
Windows 35.04" x 15.35". Motor driven drum shaft.
Surface Sand blasted. Aluminium hand wheel with folding handle and locking device.
Control Speed regulated. Pedal operated remote control.
Trailer Delivery on trailer, tandem axle with galvanised frame and axles, include a braking system and 4 height adjustable supports for drum stability during operations. Maximum gross weight 6,614 lb., including all necessary certificates allowing use in Germany. Documents required for other countries, available upon request.
Miscellaneous Included in delivery packet are LED-lights, with which to illuminate the drum if necessary. Various fittings and accessories made from brass and aluminium. Connections for drying using air, also in delivery package.
Option Warm water set is optional.
Overall dimensions approx. 14.76" x 6.23" x 7.87".
Weight approx. 3,197 lb.
Electrical supply required 230 V/16 A, 1.5 kW.

Technical modifications reserved.

Power DRUM – Inversion Drums up to DN 1000

Individual stainless steel inversion drum for section rehabilitation.

We build individual inversion drums to your configuration. 

  • Drums up to DN 1000, diameter approx. 79", optionally possible to 118".
  • Steam/water inversion over the drum.
  • Fitted with window and entry hole.
  • Inversion direct from the drum.
  • Motor driven wind/unwinding of the Liner.

Example: Power DRUM „Extra Big“

Inversions unit, ideal for Liner up to DN 1000 (capacity over 328 ft.).

Power DRUM „Extra Big“ and accessories

Drum made of 0.236" stainless steel for Inversion with compressed air and steam with an 3.15"/4.72" shaft.
Inversion pressure up to 43.5 psi.
Windows Two windows with halogen lighting at rear of drum.
View holes Five view holes on front side of drum, 100 mm diameter.
Pressure release valve with various settings 21.7 psi/29 psi/43.5 psi (tested to 58 psi).
Electricity Safety/excess electricity fuses.
Steam entry connection 2 inch with stopcock.
Safety release valve On underside of the drum is a safety release valve for condense water.
Optional inversion heads included.
Exterior diameter approx. 6.56 ft.
Drum width dependant of diameter
Overall height approx. 7.87 ft.

Technical modifications reserved.

Motor Management

Electro motor driven shaft:
Electric driven motor with a frequency switch for torque adjustment.

  • Remote cable control with working radius of 9.8 ft.
  • Propulsion unit fitted with parking brake.
  • Two liner guides fitted inside the drum with a diameter of 74.8".
  • Man hole for DN 800 (diameter approx. 35").
  • Connections with 60° angles.
  • The drum frame is fitted onto the trailer chassis.

Inversion drum is delivered with the necessary certificates, complete vehicle has german TÜV registration.