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Energy from wastewater

Thanks to state-of-the-art insulation methods in today's building technology, less energy resources are required on the one hand. But even today, on the other hand, only a minor part of the consumed energy is recovered. Thus the energy in wastewater, which is a significant proportion of a building's energy loss, is currently taken into consideration only rarely and vast amounts of energy disappear unused into our sewer systems every day. If this energy could be used consistently, many apartment and office buildings, commercial and industrial buildings or public facilities could be heated or air conditioned.

As a pioneer in environmental technology, Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co.KG has adopted this environmentally friendly idea early on and introduced the BBHeatliner® system based on its product portfolio in 2004. This makes it possible to recover the energy in the wastewater while simultaneously increasing the value of the sewer system and rehabilitating decrepit sewers, thereby extending the service life and the condition of the sewer system.

The BBHeatliner® system consists of an inner liner for fixating the heat exchanger mat and protecting the old pipe, the heat exchanger mat in the sewer bed and an optional liner for rehabilitation of the decrepit sewer. After the installation of the BBHeatliner® system, the warmer wastewater flows over the heat exchanger's surface. Energy is extracted thereby from the wastewater, which is 12-15 °C warm on the average, and utilised by a heat pump. By employing a reversible heat pump, heating can be done in the winter whereas cooling can be done in the summer.