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Liner - Transportation

Minimum Effort During Transportation

Concerning transportation, Brandenburger liner has two main advantages: One is the production method in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The second is the excellent storage and transportation capabilities, a side effect of the UV light-curing process.

Liner Transport

Ready-made Liners

Brandenburger liners are ready-made, meaning that they are manufactured to the exact dimensions required at the construction site. There is no need to handle the resins, accelerators or any other chemicals at the installation site.

Easy Transportation and Storage

Packaged in a UV-proof transportation box, Brandenburger liner can be stored for many months. They are not sensitive to high temperatures and can be shipped long distances using freight transportation and logistics companies. In other words, there is no need for extensive cooling for long-distance transportation or long-term storage. This provides all of the parties involved with much flexibility, particularly if unforeseen delays occur at the installation site. These same properties also allow Brandenburger to transport their liners by sea or air to many locations throughout the world. Since the liner is not classified as dangerous goods, there are no additional transportation costs.

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