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Easy Sewer Rehabilitation

Brandenburger SanierungThe pipe liner design, the type of resin, and the advanced UVA technology allow Brandenburger liners to cure at the fastest possible rate. An UVA vehicle may be driven through the sewer pipes at speeds from 40 to 200 cm/min, which means that sewers are operational again after a very short period of time.

A 200 m section can be rehabilitated completely in 8 to 10 hours, including all preparatory and finishing work. With these short curing times, complex water drainage is usually unnecessary. Only a single power supply unit is used.

Brandenburger SanierungA cable winch pulls the liner through the sewer from shaft to shaft. The shaft section is sealed off with special packing at both ends.

 The highly expansible Brandenburger liner is filled with compressed air until it forms a close fit with the old sewer pipe walls. The liner may be cured very quickly with a moving UVA light source. The new resin system developed by Brandenburger has curing properties that are vastly superior to conventional light-curing resins.

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