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Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation encompasses numerous procedures for maintaining the subterranean infrastructure of supply and disposal pipelines. They are necessary for rectifying damages in pipelines and sewers due to age. In comparison to open cut, no streets or sidewalks need to be torn up in closed projects. Thus there are no repair costs for the wear at the areas of removal. Another advantage is that no new sewer segment and only limited construction space are needed under the surface. Trenchless rehabilitation disturbs local residents less with noise, dust and exhausts; interference of traffic and delivery traffic is also minimised. A further ecological advantage is that no huge masses of earth need to be dug out.

Pipe lining

Pipe lining is a common procedure for trenchless pipe rehabilitation. This involves inserting a resin-impregnated glass-fibre or plastic hose (pipe liner or inliner) into the sewer which is then cured to a new "pipe-in-pipe" thermally or by UV light. The areas of application rage from free-flowing pipes to pressurised mains (drinking water, gas and wastewater) and a pipe size range of DN 100 - 2500 mm.

Glass fibre liner with UV curing

In the area of trenchless sewer rehabilitation of wastewater systems, the pipe liner process with UV curing has proven to be the most reliable, quickest and most economical rehabilitation version.

Since the early 90s, the Brandenburger Group operates with UV-curing technology along with glass-fibre as reinforcement and base material. Our company has steadily continued the development of UV-curing technology as well as the quality of the employed materials. Our pipe liner products are manufactured from base materials with characteristics that satisfy highest chemical and mechanical requirements.

Brandenburger has redesigned and improved all components of the GFRP liner which has so reliably served our customers over the years. The advantages with the new generation of light-curing GFRP pipe liners BB2.5 include increased transparency and dramatically improved external protection. Even greater wall thicknesses can now be cured more quickly. In addition, the new generation of liner also provides increased safety and easier handling at the construction site.