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GFRP Inliner - the design principle

Die Sanierung aller gängigen Kanalquerschnitte ist mit Brandenburger GFK-Schlauchlinern möglich (hier 3 typische Beispiele).A GFRP pipe liner consists of a seamless pipe made of laminated webs of pure glass-fibre impregnated with resin (GFRP). Using a proprietary, patented Brandenburger process, liners are manufactured with lengths up to 300 meters and cut to the required length. The liners leave our factory ready for installation.

During the manufacturing of the Brandenburger GFRP pipe liner, glass fibre webs are immersed in special vinyl or polyester resin to strengthen the mechanical properties of the plastic. Factory control of resin impregnation and manufacture eliminates the need to handle resins, curing agents or other chemicals on-site.

It is critical for the durability of the finished product that the composition of the resins matches perfectly with the type of glass in order to withstand the chemical and mechanical loads. This is why only high-grade resins (polyester resin pursuant to DIN 18820 group 3 type 1140, or EN 13121 group 4, or vinylester resins pursuant to DIN 18820 group 5 type 1310, or EN 13121 group 7A) and corrosion-resistant E-CR glass fibre are used for Brandenburger GFRP pipe liners.

For more information please consult our brochure about Brandenburger GFRP pipe liners, which is available for download here.




  • Seamless design—unique in the world
  • Glass fibre reinforcement - Utmost strength and therefore thinnest walls - Unique resin impregnation in advance of the raw materials; the glass fibre bands are impregnated with resin before the pipe liners are manufactured. This ensures that the resin is evenly distributed along the entire length of the liner.
:: Circular profiles DN 150 - DN 1200
:: Oval profiles EP 200/300 - 900/1350
:: Individual length up to 300 meters standard
:: Rehabilitating public sewer systems
:: Rehabilitation of industrial sewer systems (impregnation with vinylester special resin)